Help: Introduction

Welcome to the DC Password Manager. The DC Password Manager is a secure web app, that allows you to manage and access your login data and other confidential information, from any modern web browser, on any device, with an Internet connection. The DC Password Manager is a Single Page Application (SPA), that delivers a local app experience in a web browser. It is fast and highly responsive, has a slick, professional design, and is a pleasure to work with. All in all, the DC Password Manager has great aesthetics, and gets the job done.

Note: the DC Password Manager includes a configurable random password generator, that allows you to create passwords of a wide range of specified lengths, with just the click of a button.

Interactive Views

Click here to see interactive views and online help for the app, so that you can gain a sense of the the app is like.

Start Using The App

To start using the DC Password Manager, click on the Register button below. Using the DC Password Manager comes with a free trial period of 30 days. After the trial period, you can subscribe to the app for just $0.99/month.

Technical Details

The DC Password Manager uses AES-GCM based alogorithms, to implement the encryption of password and notes data in your password records it creates. The AES-GCM encryption standard, is recognized as the most secure and advanced, for the online encryption of data.

The DC Password Manager, is an ASP.Net, Web API, application, that uses Angular JavaScript extensively, to create a local app experience in the browser. After the user has been logged in, the technology's token based security system, is employed universally, when transmitting and accessing user data. Master passwords are stored in the login system, using ASP.Net's secure hashing scheme.


The DC Password Manager was developed, and is maintained by, Douglas Computing, Inc. Most of the controls used throughout the app, were produced by Creative Tim.